Action Potential Fitness is designed to offer high-quality health and fitness programming that is accessible, affordable, and adaptable to today’s modern reality.

Our Vision

Fitness for every body.
Health for everyone.

Our Mission

To provide high-quality fitness and health services that promote self-efficacy, self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-celebration in all aspects of physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and social well-being.

Our Guiding Values

  • Inclusion: We believe that health is a human right that should be accessible to all. We recognize and honour our responsibility to promote social equity and diversity.
    • We are:
      • Weight neutral and body-affirming
      • A safe space for BIPOC, Queer/LGTBQ2IA+, Disabled, and other marginalized humans.
      • Anti racism/ sexism/ ageism/ ableism/ homophobia/ transphobia, Fat phobia.
  • We recognize that we operate on Treaty 6 land, and honour the experiences of the Indigenous people who have suffered under colonialism.
  • Integrity: We operate with the highest level of professionalism, treating our members, our team and our community with respect, honesty, transparency, and kindness.
    • Integrity means, among other things:
      • Honesty and transparency in pricing strategies, service offerings
      • Transparency in operational decisions that can impact health and safety
      • Open and continuous communication with our members and our team on operational decisions
      • Creating a pricing strategy that is fair and acknowledges economic/social inequities.
      • Paying our team fair wages and supporting their growth in every way we can
      • Favouring collaboration over compromise, and resolution over conflict
      • Owning and acknowledging our mistakes and making reparations where possible.
      • Respecting our scope of practice and working with other trusted health professionals to help bridge the gap between our scope and our clients needs.
      • Operating above and beyond the minimum standards for health and occupational safety
  • Innovation: We seek to continuously challenge ourselves to keep learning, discovering, creating and growing as professionals and as humans.
    • Innovation means:
      • A commitment to continuous education and to increasing our knowledge as health professionals
      • Recognizing the wholistic nature of health, equally acknowledging the interdependence of physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and social wellness as part of a person’s total health experience.
      • Validating and prioritizing the individual experience within the context of science and best practices.
      • Constantly seeking new ways to better promote healthy living and better serve our members, team and community.
      • Continuously seeking to find balance between the biological, psychological and social sciences to better support our member’s needs.
  • Imagination: We curate a culture of curiosity, creativity, play, adaptability and flexible perseverance.
    • We believe that moving our bodies should feel pleasurable, positive and playful.
    • We believe in normalizing movement through promoting physical activity over exercise, and quality of life over aesthetics.
    • We curate a culture of self efficacy, encouraging our members to seek more independence, self-reliance, self-exploration and self-satisfaction with their health experiences.
  • Inspiration: In everything that we do, we seek to elevate and influence a more positive, affirming, accepting and compassionate health and wellness worldview.
    • We recognize our role as ambassadors for total body health and well-being, and carefully consider how our personal and professional actions impact the world around us.
    • We recognize the reciprocal nature of inspiration, drawing as much from our members, team and community as we seek to give to them.
    • We operate with a growth and benefit focused mindset, using a transformational, service-based leadership model in our operational decisions making.

Inclusion and Liberation

We believe that diversity is the very essence of humanity, and that we should all be celebrated for the things that make us unique individuals. We believe that our differences make us stronger, and that we all have the right to belong to a loving, accepting and nurturing community.

We understand that access to health care, to fitness services, and to exercise support is deeply tied to privilege and that we have a responsibility to do everything within our power to remove as many barriers of access as possible for our marginalized populations.

We offer a safe, welcoming, accepting and non-judgemental space for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We do not discriminate based on race, age, gender, sexual orientation, mental and/or physical health and/or abilities, economic status, class, background or culture.

We recognize that our work takes place within an industry whose framework is deeply entrenched in oppressive power inequities. The commodification of health & wellness favours practices that are inherently classist, racist, ableist, sexist, ageist and sizeist. We understand that by being a part of this problematic system, we inevitably may contribute to these inequities, and are firmly committed to doing everything in our power to learn, grow, unlearn and dismantle the oppressive systems that we operate within.

We acknowledge that we are situated on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional meeting grounds, gathering place and travelling route for the Cree, Blackfoot, Metis, Dene, Nakoda-Sioux and Saulteaux First Nations, and that as an online corporation that services areas across Canada, we are complicit in the wrongs perpetrated on our Indigenous populations across the country. We are committed to being a part of the solution that brings reconciliation, safety, respect and equity to our Indigeneous people.

Action Potential is a Safe Space

For us, a safe space is one where:

  • Every person is welcomed and feels honoured, respected and seen for who they are.
  • People are free to move through our space free from discrimination, judgement and harassment.
  • People know their rights, know how to access support when they feel like their rights are not being respected, and receive fair and supportive action to address concerns as they arise.
  • People feel heard, understood and valued.
  • People are encouraged to give thoughtful and critical feedback on how we can improve and be more actively engaged in supporting our community.
  • Accessibility, on all fronts, is considered and all measures possible are undertaken to create an atmosphere of inclusion.
  • Our team, our clients and the community at large feel safe and welcome to contribute to dialogue that helps to forward social equity and social understanding.

To foster and actively work towards these goals, our team commits to:

  • Actively listening to marginalized groups, and responding to calls for action and for justice with swift and meaningful interventions.
  • Ensuring that regular training, workshops and learning opportunities are offered for our team and clients to learn more about how to be socially responsible community members.
  • Respecting pronouns at all times, and using inclusive, gender neutral language online and offline, and encouraging our clients to do the same.
  • Active opposition to hateful, discriminatory or problematic behaviours within the health, wellness and fitness communities.
  • Disrupting and deconstructing the fatphobic, sizeist, ableist, sexist, racist and ageist narratives that plague our industry and society.
  • Remaining steadfast in our commitment to create a fitness space that is for every body and for everyone.


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With our proven mix of live and streamed content and a knowledgebase accessible 24 hours a day, Action Potential Fitness ensures your safety and enable your continued progress. And when we’re ready to share the same space again, online will blend seamlessly with in-person classes.

With our proven mix of live and streamed content and a knowledgebase accessible 24 hours a day, Action Potential Fitness ensures your safety and enable your continued progress. And when we’re ready to share the same space again, online will blend seamlessly with in-person classes.

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