At Action Potential Fitness, we believe that being safe shouldn’t come at the cost of our sense of social connection and belonging. Our wide range of products and services are accessible, affordable, adaptable, and designed to help you feel engaged in your fitness journey, whether you are training from home or at the gym.

All our members enjoy access to on-demand programming that suits their schedule and lifestyle. For those who require a greater sense of connection, we offer a wide assortment of livestream and on-location classes and services, including small group, partner/cohort and personal training. Take your journey one step further by exploring the world of behaviour change and lifestyle management, helping you understand how to build the life you want while enjoying the life you have.

Our Services

A new concept for a changing world, our hybrid-model fitness studio includes a variety of training options including on-demand, livestream, and in-person training at our studio location. With something to suit every goal, every interest, and every budget, we make fitness adaptable, accessible, and affordable, with options for every body and everyone.

Online Workout Stretching

On Demand

Virtual Studio

Featuring over 200 pre-recorded classes expertly designed by CSEP CPT/NASM CES certified trainers, our virtual studio has something for everyone. From strength- and cardio-focussed programs, to dance fitness and yoga, enjoy unlimited access to our monthly releases, with access to your trainers and peer support through our online community page. $25/mo

Self-Directed Personal Training

Work with your Certified Personal Trainer to take your fitness goals to the next levels with pre-designed, customized workouts that can be completed on your own terms and on your own time. All online personal training includes a free video-conference consultation and movement assessment, as well as weekly check ins. Starting at $100/mo

Older Couple Online Yoga


Personal Training

Every body is unique and has a story and vision of its own. Through an in-depth consultation and movement analysis, your personal trainer will customize your training program to help you move towards a greater quality of movement and of life. Whether you are an athlete training for your next event, or a new exerciser looking to reduce your pain and experience life to its fullest, our highly-skilled and qualified exercise professionals know the prescription your body needs and will help you discover your body’s full potential. All training sessions are offered using the streaming platform of your choice, and designed around the space requirements and equipment you have available. Starting at $260/mo

Group Fitness

The feel of group fitness from the comfort of your own home; livestream classes offer this and more! Flexible, convenient, and with a wide variety of programs designed to suit all interests and fitness levels, our livestream group schedule boasts almost 30 classes a week, all of which are designed to use minimal equipment and be performed in small spaces. From strength to stretching, and from dance to kickboxing, there is something for everyone. All livestream members enjoy access to our virtual studio on-demand videos, giving full freedom and control over your schedule and routine. Starting at $35/mo (once/wk), $60/mo (twice/wk), $75/mo (unlimited)

The Quarantine Conqueror Cohort (Livestream Behavioural Coaching)

Navigating the ever-changing dynamics of a post-pandemic life can leave your routines feeling disorganized and unmotivating. The Quarantine Conqueror Cohort was designed to help bridge the gap between the physical and psycho-emotional losses incurred by Covid-19, offering both a safe social space for support and accountability, as well as live coaching from our behaviour change specialists and lifestyle coaches.

Working through topics such as sustaining motivation, navigating barriers and obstacles, and learning how to create flexibly perseverant goals, this program is all about enhancing your natural skills and establishing a growth mindset as you move through all stages and changes of your life. All Quarantine Conqueror Cohort members enjoy full access to livestream classes, on-demand videos, special events, and weekly one-to-one online coaching, along with a dedicated online community space.

Online Consulting

On Location

Personal Training

Every body is unique; shouldn’t your training plan be, too? Personal training is about more than just meeting your own individual fitness goals. It is about getting a better quality of life through increasing your understanding of your body, and how every experience it has lived has impacted its mobility, strength and movement patterns. From learning to manage and decrease pain, to improving movement efficiency and tackling new adventures, our highly qualified Exercise Specialists analyze, assess, strategize, and implement a training plan that will help you live your best life, whatever that means to you.

Partner/Cohort Training

As we find new and creative ways to meet your needs and the ever changing demands of post-pandemic life, we are excited to offer partner, family and cohort training options that include all the benefits of personal training in more accessible and affordable ways.

Small Group Fitness
(Eight people or less)

Nothing feels more motivating than smashing your goals while being cheered on by a circle of friends, all gathered together with one goal: to live their best lives, and support the hell out of each other as they do it.

At APF, our Fitness Family is like no other. Along with delivering a wide variety of meticulously-designed fitness programming instructed by highly-skilled and professional exercise specialists, our larger focus is on establishing a culture of radical self celebration and building a community of belonging and acceptance. At APF, we keep our community small but our hearts large and wide open. Everyone belongs, regardless of their fitness level, ability, background or goals. Learn more about our Fitness Programs here.

Psychological Counselling and Therapeutic Supports

Please stay tuned for further updates as we on-board additional professional health services into our facility in Spring/Summer of 2021.


Personal Training · Group Fitness · Behaviour Coaching

With our proven mix of live and streamed content and a knowledgebase accessible 24 hours a day, Action Potential Fitness ensures your safety and enable your continued progress. And when we’re ready to share the same space again, online will blend seamlessly with in-person classes.

With our proven mix of live and streamed content and a knowledgebase accessible 24 hours a day, Action Potential Fitness ensures your safety and enable your continued progress. And when we’re ready to share the same space again, online will blend seamlessly with in-person classes.

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Direct Services

In keeping with all government recommendations and regulations, we are excited to offer in-studio, outdoor and mobile fitness options.

Safe physical- and social-distancing measures are strictly implemented and adhered to. All outdoor services are offered using our Personal Outdoor Delivery Stations (PODS).

Toni Personal Training

Personalized Training

Under the guidance of our highly-experienced qualified exercise professionals, our personalized fitness programs are designed to meet your goals and needs in ways that work for you and your body.

You have the option of working with your trainers individually, or can benefit from the social aspects of working with a partner or with a small group of up to three other people with our semi-private option. All personalized training comes with bonus online programming to help you get the most out of your training.

Zita Group Training

Small-Group Training

All small-group training – up to eight participants in studio – are designed by our qualified exercise professionals and delivered by Certified Personal Trainers. Small group is designed for those who have more generalized goals and needs, and/or who benefit more directly from the psycho-social experience of group-based training.

Our small-group programs include a variety of options focussing on building strength, developing aerobic capacity, and improving stability, flexibility and mobility.



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