As passionate advocates and active participants in the promotion of public health and wellness, client care and safety has always been our number one priority. In recognizing the changing nature of how to best balance the need for preventative measures such as exercise and health and wellness counselling with the need to enforce social and physical distancing measure to promote public safety, we are implementing the following changes to be in accordance with current federal and provincial government rules, regulations and recommendations.

All active clients will be expected to abide by the following.


Social and Physical Distancing

All clients and staff are expected to be practising social and physical distancing before, after, and during their workouts. This includes in the parking lot, and in the transition spaces between clients and classes.

Symptoms of Illness

All clients and staff are expected to remain home in the event that they display any of the following symptoms: fever and/or chills, new cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, sore throat, sore muscles (not related to exercise), general feelings of unwellness or illness, or if they have been in contact with any person experiencing these symptoms.

All clients and staff are expected to communicate with our management in the event that they develop any symptoms within two weeks of having visited our facility.

All clients and staff are expected to communicate with our management the result of any tests for COVID conducted on them, their family members, their workplace, or their immediate contact cohort.

Self-Screening Tool and Commitment to Social Safety Forms

All clients and staff will be required to fill out a daily Self-Screening Tool and sign a Commitment to Social Safety form prior to engaging in any Action Potential Fitness-related activities.

Clients and staff will be expected to take their temperature using their own devices prior to arriving at our parking lot. The temperature check must be recorded on the Self-Screening Tool.

The Self-Screening Tool and the Commitment To Social Safety Forms will be laminated and a photograph will be taken after it has been filled out. This photograph will be uploaded to your individual electronic client file.

No personal information or photographs will be shared with any persons outside our organization unless required to do so by a legal officer or representative.

Additional Client Protocols and Procedures

Unless you require physical or emotional support due to disability, please come to the facility alone. Children are not permitted to be on the premises at this time.

Please shower prior to your arrival to the facility.

Upon arrival, all persons will be expected to wash their hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer.

Please enter into your assigned PODS immediately upon arrival.

Please limit the amount of belongings you bring to the facility. All personal items must be kept in the PODS.

Clients will remain in their PODS the entire duration of their session, with the exception of using the washroom facilities that are available nearby.

If a client must leave their PODS for any reason, they must undergo a full hand sanitization procedure prior to reentering the PODS and recommencing their workout.

Masks will be provided and are optional to wear during exercise.

All interactions with the exception of the laminated forms will be contactless and paperless. Please ensure that you have provided electronic payment for your sessions and/or classes prior to arrival.

Appointments will be 50 minutes in duration, beginning and ending at precisely the time scheduled.

Please bring your own towels as required. No cloth towels or facecloths will be provided at this time.

Please bring your own water bottles as no access to the facility to fill bottles will be allowed.

Additional Internal Protocols

PODS will be set up and taken down at the beginning and end of every day.

Ten minutes prior to any appointments, PODS and all their contents will be clean and sanitized using medical grade cleaners and approved disinfecting agents.

No equipment will be shared between clients, and any porous equipment will be used by only one client per day, allowing for more thorough cleaning and sanitizing time as necessary.

Trainers will maintain safe physical distancing from their clients at all times, entering into the PODS only in the event of emergency.

All communally-accessed fixtures and spaces (including washrooms, shared staffing areas, door handles and light fixtures) will be sanitized every hour.

Staff and management reserve the right to terminate a session in the event that they feel a client is presenting symptoms and/or otherwise poses a risk.

Understanding Scope of Practice

In an effort to be and to remain as transparent as possible about what you may expect in receiving treatment from your qualified exercise professionals, please refer to the following CSEP-CPT Scope of Practice document outlining what you can expect from your trainers.

While our qualified exercise professionals are qualified to work manually with clients due to a variety of additional certifications, including manual trigger point therapy, kinesiology taping, myofascial cupping, and IASTM, we will not be performing manual therapies at this time. All training will be contactless until further notice.

Should a client require manual therapy, they will be referred to a physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor and/or doctor for their treatments.

Booking Appointments

All appointments will be booked at least 24 hours in advance, using our online booking system which can be found here.

PODS will be assigned by the trainers. Clients do not get to choose their PODS.

Any booking enquiries can be directed here.

Cancellation Policy

In the interest of managing both the need for public safety, as well as our need to maintain smooth operations and meet the demands of all our clients, the following cancellation policies will apply:

There will be no refunds on any purchases made after June 1st, 2020.

A strict 24-hour cancellation policy will apply for any and all cancellations unrelated to COVID-19.

Cancellations with 24-hours notice or more will receive full credit for their session.

Cancellations with less than 24-hours notice will be charged full fees for their session.

Cancellations related to a client becoming symptomatic, and/or being exposed to a person who is symptomatic, will be credited to their account. However, these clients will not be allowed to return to the facility until the symptoms have cleared entirely (or 10 days have expired, whichever is longer), or until they have received a negative test for COVID-19.

In the event that a trainer must cancel a session for any reason, an alternate trainer will be provided. In the event that no alternate is available, and a session must be cancelled, it will be credited to the client’s account.

Arriving for Appointments

Please arrive no more than five minutes prior to your scheduled time, and wait in the designated wait areas.

Appointment start times are firm. All appointments will end at their designated end time, regardless of appointment start time.

Clients that arrive more than 15 minutes late for their session will forfeit their time, without refund.

In the event that a trainer runs late for an appointment, the entire session will be credited. It will be up to the client to determine if they would like to continue with the session upon the arrival of the trainer.

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